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2019 Talent Ready Utah Grant Roll Out

In 2018, Indigo Impact Initiative received a grant from Talent Ready Utah, a workforce development program that focuses and optimizes the “efforts businesses make to enhance education,” and “supports businesses as they become involved with education in activities such as job shadows, internships, donations, industry tours and in-classroom presentations.”

Navajo Nation High Schoolers Receive VR and Entrepreneurship Training

Navajo Nation High Schoolers Receive VR and Entrepreneurship Training

To many, edtech, distance learning, and remote work offer the ability to level the playing field for less affluent communities around the world. An initiative at Whitehorse High School in San Juan County, Utah, is trying to make that happen for young community members, many of whom belong to the Navajo Nation, by training them in virtual reality (VR) and entrepreneurship.

Navajo Utah Students and Communities to Benefit from new Virtual Reality Center and Jobs


SAN JUAN COUNTY, Utah (January 28, 2019) -- At Whitehorse High School, Principal Kim Schaefer hopes students, who she calls “scholars,” will be certified in Virtual Reality (VR) technology and entrepreneurship, to reward a new generation with successful jobs and careers without leaving their families, rural reservation, and community.

The high school is located within the Navajo Nation in Southeastern Utah.

As expressed in the 2010 census report, one third of the Navajo population is under 18. The community has a 38% poverty rate, and unemployment is over 40% - more than 10 times the US average.