2019 Talent Ready Utah Grant Roll Out

In 2018, Indigo Impact Initiative received a grant from Talent Ready Utah, a workforce development program that focuses and optimizes the “efforts businesses make to enhance education,” and “supports businesses as they become involved with education in activities such as job shadows, internships, donations, industry tours and in-classroom presentations.”

Through the grant, Indigo partnered with the San Juan Foundation, and Lobaki to bring entrepreneurship education and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality programs to Whitehorse High School.

In honor of the 2019 Talent Ready Grant rollout, students from Whitehorse were invited to Salt Lake City, Utah to present their work from the past year and share with the grantors the positive impact Talent Ready has had on their education. Indigo is proud to continue working closely with Whitehorse High School Students!

Read more about the 2019 grant program here.