Clarksdale: Home of the Blues

Hometown of legends, Muddy Waters, Son House, and Robert Johnson, Clarksdale, Mississippi, is known for producing iconic blues stars. Now this Delta blues town is coming to terms with another legacy: four generations of poverty. In a unique collaboration with business leaders, educators and the community, I3 has partnered with Lobaki, Inc. to help students discover their natural strengths, and learn virtual reality technology skills in order to embark on promising career pathways.


Using Virtual Reality to create a positive impact

Together, students learn, create, and collaborate.

Using Indigo's unique 10-step approach, I3 has identified both a need for economic revitalization and a desire for students to pave their own unique paths. By partnering with Lobaki, virtual reality has become the platform for creating a recognized innovation ecosystem to nurture students as future high-tech workers in a high-demand field that will encourage economic development, job creation and a sustainable enterprise. 


In 2017, the first fully curated VR Center and Academy opened, staffing four students and earning $750 in revenue on the first day.

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